7 Great Ways for 55+ to Stay Socially Connected

Staying socially connected is vital for our health and well-being. Sometimes we have to intentionally look for ways to foster those connections. 

Here are 7 ways you can create and nurture amazing social connections:

1. Expand your network beyond your geography with Facebook Groups

As of July 2021, there were 3,396,040 users on Facebook between the ages of 55 - 64 in Canada alone! There are numerous Facebook Groups you can get connected to. Just search "over 55" in Groups and join the ones that you fancy... and with social media, you can develop a friendship with people all over the world.

Example of a Facebook Group
Example of a Facebook Group

2. Check out the programs at your local Community Centre

It's amazing how many programs are out there for 55+ adults. Check-in with your local community centre to see what they're offering (some even have virtual programs for when in-person activities are not possible).

3. Find like-minded hobbyists

Think of how to get and stay connected with people with similar hobbies. A virtual or in-person cards night, book club, bake-off, exercise club... the list is endless. If there isn't a group, create one - even if it starts with you and another person.

4. Seek out a spiritual community that resonates with your beliefs

A study done by the University of Missouri found that increased spirituality was “significantly related” to better mental health, regardless of what form the spirituality took. Being part of a spiritual community enhances that even further.

5. The more you learn the more your world opens up

The more you learn the more your world opens up, not just with knowledge, but with new people who share these new insights. Register for a course - online or in-person! It's never too late to learn something new.

6. Consider volunteering in a passion project

Having a strong sense of purpose is associated with better mental and physical health. Volunteering in something that is meaningful and engaging, is a great way to rediscover that sense of purpose (and make new friendships).

7. Move into a 55+ rental apartment (a new concept in Canada)!

Gain immediate access to a whole neighbourhood of friends that share similar interests. The 55+ rental apartment living is a relatively new concept in Canada and is fast becoming a preferred choice among older adults. Holyrood Court was designed for the active adult who wants urban-style living coupled with great amenities, and optional social events.

Holyrood Court Amenities

Rooftop terrace at the new Holyrood Court Active Adult Residences

Do you think 55-plus rental apartment living might right be for you?

If you're looking for an adult apartment with neighbours much like yourself, then this is an amazing option.

The United States has a lot of options like these for the 55-plus community. Canada is a little ways behind, but demand is growing as more and more more 55-plus aged adults want to trade in household maintenance, free up their capital to enjoy life, and live in a vibrant community of similar people.

That's why Holyrood Court Active Adult Residences has been built and is ready for occupancy!

Holyrood Court Amenities

Games room at Holyrood Court Active Adult Residences

Holyrood Court Active Adult Residences was designed for the active adult who wants urban-style living coupled with great amenities, and optional social events.

Only 89 brand new suites in the heart of Holyrood! Perfectly situated, minutes from downtown Edmonton, with easy access to all major venues, popular stores, and restaurants. 

Enjoy carefree living, surrounded by friends and neighbours who share your interests.

Holyrood Court Amenities

Another community area at the new Holyrood Court Active Adult Residences

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